Promise Keepers' Mind Control Techniques

by Anton Chaitkin, Executive Intelligence Review
J une 11, 2004

These days, when an army of men stands in a football stadium, or on the Washington mall, chanting Jesus slogans, weeping, each man hugging the next man and purging his sin in front of a giant video altar, they are in general unaware of who it is that has amassed this army and brought them there. The Promise Keepers cult is an American-based project of "utopian" military and related religious and political operatives, associated with British imperial strategy and the George Bush machine. We will detail here some of the key personnel,. and the New Age sexual brainwashing they used to manufacture the movement

This exposure is essential, because the project has been consistently boosted by the "mainstream" media with no investigative journalism to find out what was really going on. ABC News anointed Promise Keepers founder/front-man Bill McCartney, a former University of Colorado football coach, as their "Person of the Week" in February 1996. The Eastern Establishment press lavishly promoted the October 1997 rally in Washington. D.C., ending with a cover story in Time magazine. Press coverage of criticism from feminists, lesbians, and atheists only served to promote the project.

The Promise Keepers experiment was begun on 70 Colorado men in 1990. About 4000 turned out to rallies in 1991. As attendance grew to 22,000 in 1992, the project leaders arranged for the writing of a bizarre book intended to mold the emotions and self-conception of their now-growing mass following. Masculine Journey was written for the Promise Keepers by Lt Col. Robert Hicks, a military expert in religious terrorism. It was published in 1993 under the supervision of Hicks's Air Force colleague, Gen. Jerry White. a specialist in military mobilization, military police, and electronic security. General White is the longtime chairman of a military ministry group, "The Navigators." whose NaviPress published the book, and a companion study guide for Promise Keepers (PK) psychological trainers.

Hicks's book was distributed to every one of the 50.000 men who assembled for the first PK mass rally, held at the University of Colorado's Folsom Field. This free distribution was unique, since PK usually charges its men high prices for group clothing items, worship accessories, and commercial aids to male bonding.

Promise Keepers then mass-marketed Masculine Journey, and its study guide, through 1994, when about 275,000 people came to PK rallies, and 1995, when attendance hit 725,000.

By 1995, the Hicks book had come under increasing criticism. Promise Keepers stopped publicly selling the book, but they continued to endorse it for their inductees, who buy it from NavIpress.

Masculine Journey to Sodom
Under veneer of Bible chapter and verse citations, Masculine Journey is pagan psychological manipulation, akin to the New Age pornographic training that shaped the lesbian and Wiccan upsurges of the 1960s. Its techniques are congruent with those developed by the British military and intelligence services through the Tavistock psychiatric institute, a pivotal agency in introducing the drug-rock-sex counterculture to the USA. The author, Lt Col. Robert Hicks, is an intelligence community professional in the field of post-traumatic shock. The Tavistock Institute, pioneer in this field, viewed public shocks such as the Vietnam War and the 1960s' multiple assassinations, as the opportunity to radically alter the philosophy of the American population. The current societal breakdown, with the stimulus of PK Nurrmberg-style rallies. gives this mindbending a fair chance to succeed.

Hicks teaches "Religious Terrorism" to officers at the Air War University (Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama). In that military course, be explains the mental path that Christian Identity and other varieties of British-Israelite race cultists are induced to travel and, similarly, with Jewish fanatics (Kach, Kahane Chai). Islamic suicide bombers and Japanese armageddonist terrorists.

His Masculine Journey complements ad competes with radical feminism, making the genitals the center of the Promise Keepers psyche. The book explains:

"Possessing a penis places unique requirements upon men before God. . . . We are called to worship God as phallic kinds of guys, not as some sort of androgynous, neutered nonmales, or the feminized males so popular in many feminist enlightened churches. We are told by God to worship Him in accordance with what we are, phallic men."

If you think pornography is an organized crime racket, you probably haven't considered it as a phase of worship. Writes Hicks:

" I remember staring at.. .[an]ancient hawaiian. ..statue [when my wife] questioned. 'Why is it so large?' Her question was . . . related to . . . the size of the protruding phallus. . . .To me there was very little difference between this Hawaiian idol/image and the artifacts that are sold regularly in 'adult' bookstores. I'm sure some day future archaeologists will dig up the adult toys from our current society and view them as elements of our religious worship. They will be right because that is precisely what they are and always have been. The phallus has always been the symbol of religious devotion and dedication. Professor George Elder notes, 'Phallus, like all great religious symbols, points to a divine reality that cannot be apprehended otherwise.. . . It is not as a flaccid member that this symbol is important to religion, but as an erect organ.' "

On the naked Jew
"Every Israelite, when looking at himself naked, was reminded of how different [circumcised] he was from the Gentiles and for what purpose. In this sense, his sexuality took on spiritual significance. Every time he used his penis, he was making a spiritual statement about who he was and who he worshipped and why."

On the "playful pleasure" of homosexuality
'God ... obviously knew men would be put into situations where this would be a very real temptation. Whether it be men at sea for months at a time, a men in prisons, or adolescent boys playfully experimenting with each other, situations can create the temptation. The pleasure experienced in those playful moments, or the bonding that occurs through the first experience- subsequently repeated- does not change the reality of the creational order.

"I have often counseled gay men on my observation that even in their sexual relations with each other, they must find a substitute opening for their penis.... For a man to have satisfactory sex he must find an opening for his penis. In rejecting the God-given opening of the woman, the homosexual merely affirms what he thinks he is denying whenever he finds an alternate opening."

And if men are going to "bond," PK style, they'll need to visualize Jesus--nude:

"Jesus was also very much zakar, phallic....Jesus was very much masculine, and masculine means being male, and bring male means having a penis. There's no way around it. Some in church history could not tolerate the exposure of the Son of God's genitalia. Therefore, you will never find a portrait of the crucifixion of Jesus with penis exposed even though it was a common Roman custom to crucify criminals naked. Even the Gospel writers tell us that Jesus' outward. garment was torn into four pieces, leaving the inner tunic, which was then gambled for intact ...That left nothing. No underpants. Nothing."

Promise Keepers are told that homosexuality is an "inherent passion," even in Christ
"I believe Jesus was phallic with all the inherent phallic passions we experience as men. But it was never recorded that Jesus had sexual relations with a woman. He may have thought about it as the movie ''The Last Temptation of Christ' portrays. ... If temptation means anything, it means Christ was tempted in every way as we are. That would mean not only heterosexual but also homosexual temptation! I have found this insight to be very helpful for gay men struggling with their sexuality" (emphasis in the original).

Based on the archetypes of the Satanic occult psychiatrist Carl Jung, the PK book calls for today's Christians to re-create pagan-modelled phallic initiation rites to celebrate personal milestones. In an appendix summarizing the book's argument Hicks lists some of these personal spiritual breakthroughs: the first time for "wet dreams"; appearance of "pubic hair"; "masturbation"; and "intercourse." Hicks intersperses this poison with homilies about staying faithful to your wife.

Promise Keepers spokesman Pete Richardson defended Masculine Journey in an April 7, 1995 letter replying to questions from Al Dager of Media Spotlight:

Question (Dager): "Dr. Hicks has been quoted as saying that men should worship Jesus with their phallus. Isn't this a blasphemous statement? Why should someone associate Jesus with sexuality?"

Answer (Richardson): "This raises two issues. First, the nature of worship, and second the issue of associating Jesus with sexuality. 'The idea of worshipping
Jesus with one's sexuality flows out of Dr. Hicks' understanding of the nature of the book of Leviticus...."

Richardson elsewhere describes the book as a "biblically centered, frank, and honest account of a man's journey with God."

Origins of the Promise Keepers
Whose project is this? The operatives who make up the PK leadership were developed in several phases The first was in the post-World War II years, when British-allied banker Averell Harriman directed the U.S. military and intelligence reorganization, along with John Foster Dulles, globalist religious leader and secretary of state, and his brother Allen Dulles, Director of Central Intelligence. The last preparatory phase involved the military/mercenary covert operations under George Bush as Vice President and President. (George's father, Prescott Bush, was partner of HArriman; the Dulles brothers were their lawyers.)

David du Plessis, an agent for the Anglo-Dutch monarchies and for their turncoat American intelligence allies, supervised Pentecostalism's "charismatic renewal," with agencies such as the Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship and the Far East Broadcasting Co. The same intelligence apparatus spun out Bill Bright's Campus Crusade for Christ in 1951, and Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network in the 1960s (see EIR, Aug. 22. 1997). Bill Bright, heavily funded by billionaire misanthropy Nelson Bunker Hunt, and commanding 13,000 paid staff and 100,000 global volunteers for his Campus Crusade, now sponsors Promise Keepers. Pat Robertson fervently pushes PK on his 700 Club television show.

Coach Bill McCartaey launched Promise Keepers after being recruited into the Vineyard Christian Fellowship, a depraved "Third Wave Pentecostal" venture. Vineyard's leader, former rock musician John Wimber, is one of the operatives produced by the old du Plessis-Dulles machine, through Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California Vineyard set up churches notorious for their barking, shrieking, and wretching worshippers at Toronto Airport, and in Pensacola,Florida

Steven Strang, publisher of the Promise Keepers' glossy magazine, New Man, also puts out Charisma, organ of the Third Wave and herald of every British intelligence project even faintly related to religion, "Christian" environmentalism. etc.

Penetration of the military
Let us now observe the efforts of this gang to penetrate the U.S. military, aided by the Bush machine, already in place.

In February 1996, a Promise Keepers' gathering of thousands of clergymen in Atlanta Georgia featured a special meeting for recruiting military chaplains. Air Force Gen. Richard Abel (ret.). who manages Bill Bright's military penetration ministry, addressed this meeting,as did Lt Col. Chuck Stecker (ret.), a 23-year Army Special Forces veteran who now manages the Promise Keepers organization in Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana,
Mississippi, Missouri, and Tennessee.

Following the chaplains' meeting, a Promise Keepers rally was held for hundreds of soldiers on the Fort Bragg, North Carolina, Army base, home of the Special Forces units. That rally was led by Col. Jim Pack (ret). a psychological warfare specialist who now manages the Promise Keepers operations in Texas.

Colonel Pack spent 25 years in Army Special Forces. This is the U.S. service force deeply infected with British imperial philosophy, in the tradition of T.E. Lawrence ("of Arabia"),Orde Wingate, and Denis Sefton Delmer, the fascist British intelligence black arts practitioner who lectured at Fort Bragg in 1962. Special Forces veterans, and Air Force kooks of the Robert Hicks variety, are heavily represented among the leaders and agents provocateurs in the militia and separatist movements. Homoerotic specialist Hicks, we note, also trains military chaplains at Maxwell Air Force Base.

In a 1995 interview (quoted in June 1995 in The Heritage, a Protestant newsletter) Colonel Pack defended the Promise Keepers' privacy-stripping psychological techniques [1] derived from Hicks' book, and explained, "There are probably men out them that probably need almost an electrical jump start to get their engines going before they're willing to confront anything." Colonel Pack referred to the "People Bingo" quiz specified in the study guide to Masculine Journey. The small group leader asks each man to reveal which of the following apply to him: "Is wearing boxer shorts or bikini briefs"; "Has been arrested at least once"; "Has made most of his funeral arrangements"; "is going through a mid-life crisis"; "Has had circumcision, vasectomy, or prostate operation"; "was neglected or abused by father."

In the build-up to the 1997 Promise Keepers Washington rally, inquiring journalists interacted with national capital region PK manager Mike McDaniel. He could be counted on to prevent embarrassment to the project. McDaniel was formerly executive director of the American Defense Institute, a right-wing military lobbying group close to the Heritage Foundation. ADI was founded by McDaniel's father, Eugene "Red" McDaniel, the Navy and Marines liaison to Congress. The McDaniels are decent but limited individuals, who an being used by the cultists.

[1] Editor: Stave Van Nattan-- Balaam's Ass Speaks-- In Central California, in 1997, local PK leaders called a meeting of the faithful PKers. About 200 men came out. They were locked in a room with nothing but chairs and a telephone at the front. The men, who had not been talked to about any illicit affairs in their lives, were at once told that they all were unfaithful to their wives. They were ten ORDERED , one by one, to come to the phone and call their "girl friends." They, before the room of fellow PKers, then called various girls, and they confessed various sins to them specifically. There IS a communist cell-group type psycho-manipulative coercive aspect to PK of the most sinister quality. These men can now be threatened with exposure to their wives if they ever defect from PK. You see, the men were ALL told not to EVER tell their wives of their illicit affairs. Our informant was in the room, and he refused to use the phone.

African-Americans targeted
Preparing for the big Washington event, Promise Keepers stepped up its outreach to African-Americans, using a growing pool of proto-facists and military specialists. Joining the PK board in 1996 was Lt. Gen. Alonzo E Short Jr. (ret), an African-American Pentecostal. who was Commanding General of the U.S. Army Information Systems Command, an intelligence-gathering service. During 1990, General Short was commander of Fort Huachuca, Arizona, the training center for U.S. military intelligence officers.

Wellington Boone is an African-American Promise Keepers cult guide, frequent PK speaker, and editorial board member of New Man. He wrote in Charisma this brainwasher's credo:

"We are called to be 'worms.'...A worm never protests. . . .Can you say, for Christ 'I am a worm and am no man'?... If we allow God ... to work into us the idea of 'worm-training,' it would be revolutionary. We would gain a worm's eye view of what God wants.... When we really meet Jesus and allow ourselves to be crushed as we model [sic] His example, the impact will rock this world."

Lawrence Reed, PK regional manager for all the states from West Virginia to Maine, was formerly the financial manager for "Worm" Boone's personal ministries enterprise.

Boone is also a leader of the Coalition on Revival, a Christian Reconstructionist grouping calling for abolition of public schools, capital punishment for violations of the Bible, and an outright theocracy. Frequent PK African-American speakers Joseph Garlington of Pittsburgh (an ally of Richard Mellon Scalfe), and John Perkins of Pasadena, California (a board member of New Man), are both core leaders of the fascist Coalition on Revival.

Let the foregoing facts, then, give warning:

Before your husband, brother, or son is herded into a mass "religious" rally, or submits to personal questioning by a PK trainer, you and he must go beyond "sincerity of feelings," and beyond blind disappointment over the collapse of our society-lest you foolishly contribute to that collapse.



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This post reminded me of something that I always thought was strange. Years ago I bought a deck of Angel cards complete with beautiful angel photos and descriptions of each angel's purpose. I don't have the cards here with me so I can't quote exactly but . . . the card of sexuality (Ariel I believe) had a write up that seemed balanced until it said something to the effect of "masterbate while thinking of your angels" to have a communion of sorts with them. I thought that was very odd.

I for one am still trying to break free from the brainwashing (and possible psychic attack) which keeps me from enjoying sex without there being a kinky component involved. I've been abstaining until things are sorted out, to my husband's chagrin.

'Promise Keepers' Mind Control Techniques