Roots of the Roman Catholic

Church and roots of the Pope


What are the original roots of the doctrine of Roman Catholic Church and what is the root of the Pope? We are going to examine that question in this writing.


My claim is, that doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church is antichristian. And next I prove my claim by the testimony of the Bible and by the testimony of the history. Greek word antikhristos means vicar of Christ and against of Christ. Greek word anti means: over against, opposite to, before, for, instead of, in place of (something), instead of, for, for that, because, wherefore, for this cause. According to doctrine of Roman Catholic Church, Pope is Vicar of Christ. In the tiara of Pope had read: Vicarius filii Dei. Value of those letters is 666, which is number of the beast. When Catholic Church noticed this, they removed that writing from the tiara. But doctrine that Pope is (Vicarius filii dei) remained to Roman Catholic Church, and they say, that Pope is vicar of the Christ. So Pope is in Roman Catholic doctrine vicar of Christ and also gospel of Pope is against of gospel of the Jesus.  I claim that doctrine of Roman Catholic Church is antichristian and it has nothing to do with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

To Pope suits name of antichrist, because Roman Catholic system has been drunk of blood of holy people. Roman Catholic church is assessed during its history, killed about 50 million persons. Book of revelation tells from the chapter 17 about Babylon of the great, which is the Mother of the Harlots and of the Abominations of the Earth. Harlot describes always in the Bible practise of adultery either fleshy adultery or religious adultery. Religious adultery is serving of idolatry. This great harlot together with the beast makes war against Jesus and His disciples. Great harlot is religious system, which makes war against the gospel of Jesus. The Bible called this great harlot to this appointment: " Mystery, Babylon the Great, the Mother of the Harlots and of the Abominations of the Earth." Roman Catholic church called himself for the mother church and calls by way of ecumenicalism all churches and religions to be as one. This distinctive mark of the harlot suits to the Roman Catholic Church, because it is mother church. But what makes of the harlot and Roman Catholic Church names great Babylon? Babylon and Babel means mixture and confusion. Babel is Hebrew and Babylon is Greek name of Babel. I claim that Roman Catholic Church is the great Babylon, which has mixed gospel to paganism and doctrines of ancient religion of Babylon. Now we must take short historical review of the religion of Babylon and compared it to doctrine of Roman Catholic Church.


Babel or Babylon



Tower of Babel was built in the country of Sinear, when there was one language in all country. Around the tower of Babel were worshipping of idolatry. Intention of this idolatry was spreading to all over the world. Religion of Babel was the main religion after the big flood. Religion of the Babel is the original source of all false religions of the world. The God mixed in the Babel language of all nations and demolished them from there all over the world, lest the world would not pollute from this false religion. People around of tower of the Babel were devoted to the worship of the idols. In the tower of Babel was practised religion, where were worshiped the sun. Nimrod was the ruler of Babel and after his death his mother Semiramis started to lead religion of Babel. Babylonians pursued eagerly astronomy and they dedicated Sunday at the day of the sun and Monday for the moon day and other five days they dedicated to the others planet. When Semiramis was leading the religion of Babel, she started to teach, that from Nimrod had came the God of sun in other words Baal. When Semiramis became pregnant and birth a son, she gave name Tammuz to her son.  Tammuz was worshiped sun of God. Semiramis started also to teach, that she was maiden. Consequences of this she developed cult of the mother and child, which symbol came mother Semiramis, who had on her arm child Tammuz. On head of the Semiramis was set moon and on child head the halo of the sun. Semiramis adjusted herself in this religion of Babel for the queen of the heaven and for her must worship as queen of the heaven and only through queen of the heaven people can be saved.


In the religion of Babel was also in use secret confession to the priest of Babel. In the religion of Babel was also sprinkle of water, they believed that this sprinkle of water cleanses them for theirs sins and by that for them are given new life. Babylonians repeat also prayers with rosaries. When Tammuz died Semiramis ordered 25. day of December for a annual day of the feast.  This day was also the birthday of Nimrod. December 25. day. So from it came every year memorable day, when was celebrations, where people was drunk and sacrificed child to Baal. On that day also Babylonians set up tree to Tammuz, which was decorated with balls, which was symbolic to the sun. The mother child cult, which had started to Babel spread also to Egypt, where it named Isis-Horus.  In Phoenicia it was called Baal-Astarte. In Greece it was called Afrodites-Eros. In Persian and Rome it was called Mithras. Babylonians have also holy kingship, where the king came also the conciliator of blessings of God. In the religion of Babel was priest council, which led high priest (pontifex). Priest of Babel didn't get marry, it was forbidden from them. Making of the idol statues and pictures belongs to the religion of Babel. These pictures of the idol were bowed and them was kissed and they worshiped those idols.


Rome and Catholic Church


When the state of Rome was born and developed so the religious life of Rome led by pontifex maximus (high priest).  State of Rome was expanding, Romans started to worship the gods of all nations. Religion of Rome was mixed with the Greeks, Egyptians, Syrians, Persians and Babylonians religions. To the state of Rome was born perfect mixture of the religions. Religious life became so many colourful, that Romans arranged emperor worship for compulsory, which made from the Emperor divine and by that way also to Rome came holy kingship. 

Romans believed, that gods were affecting and commanding for Rome in the seven hills ”De septem montibus virum”.  From this formed to the Rome concept: The high town of the seven hills, which rules all over the world. Romans believed, that they must rule all over the world by Pontifex Maximus who is high priest of Jupiter. Symmachus, which was the pontifex maximus of Rome calls himself:  Man of the seven mountains. This appointment; the man of the seven mountains has been left to the history from the early letter, where has said high priest had called in the name pontifex maximus. In the opinions of Romans, world can only rule it, who rule in the Rome by the hills of the seven town. Julius Caesar also got title of pontifex maximum and Emperors started also to use themselves this titles. Emperors led the state and also the religious life of Rome. So Emperor was pontifex maximus, high priest of the Rome.


Progress of the doctrine of the Catholic Church


Roman Emperor Constance "turned" to Christianity 312 A.D and he was pontifex maximus (high priest). Constance took for himself name vicar Christi (vicar of the Christ). From the new religion of Constance came common (catholic). So from the citizens of Rome were made “Christians” without repentance and conversion. Part of disciples of Jesus went astray when joining to this Roman Catholic religion. But fortunately also part of the disciples of Christ didn’t join to this deception, but they stay in church of God. Now Rome has a new religion, which formed Roman Catholic Church. Church leader Constance built "Christians" churches, but with same time he also delivered consecrations to the heathen temples. In the Roman Catholic religion of Constance was in the beginning much freedom and it accepted much differences. But Roman Catholic Church had mixed gospel and heathen religion doctrine together and little by little it started to became steeper and didn’t accept biblical doctrine, but it started to form its doctrines deeper and deeper to direction of pagan religions. Roots of Roman catholic church are in 312 A.D., then Emperor declare that Christians belief has come common religion of Rome, but roots of new covenant church of God are in the Pentecost day. In the manuscripts of Greek NT text is not Greek word katholikos (catholic) and so we also see, that Jesus Christ and apostles has never taught anything from the Catholic Church, but from the church of God.

- 2 Cor 1:1  Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God, and Timothy our brother, unto the church of God which is at Corinth, with all the saints which are in all Achaia:

Apostle Paul nominated congregations in province of Achaia for church of God, not Catholic Church. Remarkable is that Paul mentioned more churches than one in other words he mentioned many churches in all Achaia and nominated them for church of God. So we see clearly that the Bible don't teach anything about Catholic Church. Concept catholic first time appeared in history 150 A.D. When Emperor Constance “turned” to Christianity and when he had started new religion he nominated it for Roman Catholic Church. But as we can see, so New Covenant congregation of God born over 300 year before Constance's Roman catholic church

 Next we follow order of the years forming of the Roman Catholic Church doctrine. In the catholic Rome Christians held on the Sabbath by Saturday. Romans kept theirs rest day in Sunday, were they worshipped sun as a god.

Year 321 Constance made day of the sun to the day of the rest.


Synod of Laodicea gave the command year 364: " Christian doesn't come to be Jews and they can't be idle, they must especially to respect being Christian, and if possible, stop any work on that day. If they are observed to following Jewishness, they must cut off from the Christ." .


Year 375 Started the worship of the angels and dead saints.  In the Bible is not anywhere, that believers must worship angels or dead saints.


Year 378 Roman bishop Damascus inherited from the Emperor the title pontifex maximum and Vicar Christi. For roman Pope by that way came official inheritor for Babylonian high priest pontifex. From now on all bishops of Rome have these titles. Immediately when Damascus had came pontifex Maximum, so then came inside to Roman Catholic Church leading position Babylonians ceremonies.  Also the other heathen religions doctrines started to come inside to the Church of Rome. 


Year 381 Started informal prayers to virgin Mary, who was in church the mother of God and Queen of the heaven.  In the Bible is not anywhere, that believers must pray Mary and that Mary is Queen of the heaven. Bible teaches that believers should pray in the name of Father and in the name of Jesus, but the Bible don’t teach to pray in the name of Mary.

Luke 11:2 And he said unto them, When ye pray, say, Our Father which art in heaven,………

Col 3:17 And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him.


Year 394 Started daily mass in the Roman catholic church. 


Year 431 Synod in Ephesus were accepted officially worship of Mary and concept the mother of God. In Babel were prayers for queen of the heaven, who was virgin. Queen of the heaven was described as the mother, who had child in his lap.  In the Babylon was same doctrine as is in the RCC.


Year 500 Came to the Roman Catholic Church clerical suits of priests, which separated them from other people of the church. Purgatory doctrine was taught first in Egypt and in Greece, from were is also mixed by other religions and came to Rome and to Roman catholic church.


Year 593 Gregorius the Great l opened way to the purgatory doctrine also to Roman Catholic Church. 


Year 600 Gregorius I commanded Latin as prayer and sermon language to the Roman Catholic Church.


Year 600 Prayers of Mary and death saints came to church of the Rome. 


Year 600 Bonifatius, who was the bishop of Rome took the title Pope, and he claimed that he is the successor of Peter. Although as the matter of fact bishops of Rome are successor of Babylonian high priest, which were called in Rome by the name of pontifex Maximus. In the Bible is not such doctrine, that Peter has successors or that in the Church of Rome is office from successors of apostle Peter.


Year 709 Started in the church kissing of Popes foot, this habit came directly from the heathen traditions. 


Year 787 Nikea synod legalized worshipping of the cross, pictures and religious relics.  In the Bible is not any of these doctrines.


Year 850 Came to Roman Catholic Church doctrine; from the holy water, where must be pinch of salt. After blessing of priest from the water comes holy. In the Bible is not this doctrine.


Year 890 In RCC started the worship of the holy Joseph.  Not in the Bible.


Year 1079 Pope Bonifatius VII ordained unmarried station to the priest (celibacy). From the Priest of Babel was also forbidden getting married. The Bible shows us, that apostle Peter had a wife. The Bible don’t forbid marriage from apostles or priests.


Year 1090 Church started to use rosary. Hinduism also use rosaries.  In the biböle is not doctrine from the rosaries.


Year 1184 The synod of Verona ordained inquisition, the punishment for a heretic. 


Year 1190 Started to teaching of the sales of the indulgence. In the Roman Catholic Church on the indulgence people can get forgiveness for theirs sins.  This doctrine is not in the Bible.


Year 1215 Pope Innocentius III ordain transubstantiation doctrine (change of substance) where Roman Catholic priest change the wafer and the wine for the body and blood of the Christ.  This doctrine is not in the Bible.


Year 1215 Pope Innocentius defined confessing of the sins to the priest, which is compulsory at the least once a year.  This doctrine is not in the Bible.


Year 1220 Pope Honorius defined worshipping of the wafer. This doctrine is not in the Bible.


Year 1229 Valencia synod refused the Bible from the laymen in the church and set to Bible for forbidden books. 


Year 1287 Invented scapular, which is bit of brown fabric. Scapular is used with picture of virgin Mary, because it is assumed that scapular includes supernatural power. Roman Catholic doctrine teaches, that scapular protects Roman Catholics from all danger, which holds it on the bare skin. Worship of the objects came to inside of Roman Catholic Church.  This doctrine is not in the Bible.


Year 1439 In the synod of Firenze purgatory doctrine was announced for the dogma and official doctrine of the Roman church. This doctrine is not in the Bible.


Year 1439 Doctrine from the seventh sacrament was confirmed.  The Bible doesn’t teach those seven sacraments like RCC teaches them.


Year 1545 In the synod of Trenton was decided, that the traditional knowledge is as reliable as the Bible. In the synod of Trenton books of apocryphal were added to the Roman Catholics Bible. The Bible doesn’t teach, that traditional knowledge is as reliable as the Bible. The Bible teaches that tradition of men are vain worship of God.

Mark 7:7,8: Howbeit in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men. For laying aside the commandment of God, ye hold the tradition of men, as the washing of pots and cups: and many other such like things ye do.

Tradition of men is vain worship of God. The Bible doesn’t anywhere teach, that believers should follow tradition of church fathers. The Bible teaches, that we must follow word of God, not command or tradition of men.

Col 2:8  Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.


Year 1547 Roman Catholic church ordained in Trenton; if someone says, that the sacraments of the new law are not necessary for the salvation of the man and they are futile and that without them man can get from the grace of the righteousness alone from the belief to God, although all sacraments are not compulsory to all, but he be cursed who reject sacrament of church. 

Sacrament doctrine of RCC is deception


Year 1870 Pope Pius IX announced the doctrine about infallibility of the Pope.  There is not in the Bible doctrine from the Pope or doctrine from infallibility of the Pope.


Year 1931 Pope Pius XI confirmed again the doctrine of virgin Mary, God's mother.  Mary was mother of Jesus, but not mother of Father God. In the Bible is not anywhere wrote words mother of God, because the Bible doesn’t teach from Mary same way like RCC teaches.


Year 1950 Pope Pius XII announced the dogma that Mary was taking to the heaven. That dogma of Pope teaches, that Mary was taken to the heaven with her body and soul, but in the Bible is not such kind of teaching.



The doctrine of Babylon religion and Roman Catholic Church doctrines affinities


Tower of Babel was built in the country of Sinear, when there were one language in all country. Intention of religion of the Babel was to spread all over the world. ---à Roman Catholic church and Pope are creating through ecumenicalism one world church, that they can rule whole world. 


Religion of Babel dedicated the day of the sun for Sunday ---à year 321 Constance set day of the sun for the day of rest. 


Semiramis queen of the heaven was eternal virgin in doctrine of Babel, although she bore a son called Tammuz. Semiramis queen of the heaven must to pray and worship and only she supply salvation for the people ---à Roman Catholic Church has doctrine of perpetual virgin Mary, although Mary bore many children after Jesus. RCC teaches also, that Mary is queen of the heaven.  Catholics must pray and worship Mary and Mary supply salvation and takes peoples to Jesus in the doctrine of RCC.


There was mother child cult in the religion of Babel, where mother came for the symbol, who had on his arm child. On mother head was set moon and on child head, the halo of the sun ---à Roman Catholic Church has statue of Mary, where Mary holds in his arms Jesus. 


In the religion of Babel was also in the use secret confession to the priests of Babel ---à Roman Catholic church has confessional chair, where priest announces forgiveness of the sins to people.


In the religion of Babel is sprinkle of water, which cleanses Babylonians their sins and bring them the new life ---à In the Roman catholic church man gets salvation through water baptism, which also regenerates the man and the man get the Holy Spirit and a new life in water baptism according of the teachings in RCC.


In the religion of Babel were used rosaries ---à Roman Catholic church also uses rosaries. 


December 25th day in the religion of Babel was the birthday of the death god- - Roman Catholic church set Jesus birthday on December 25. Jesus has real born in September or October.


In the religion of Babel was separated council, which had formed from the priest, and pontifex led this council ---à In the Roman catholic church Pope leads cardinals, who are priest.


In the religion of Babel in the priest’s was prohibition to get marry, it was forbidden from them ---à The priest of the Roman catholic church are not allowed to marry, they have made celibacy promise.  Apostle Peter had a wife.


In the religion of Babel was worshiped the statues and pictures of the idols ---à In the Roman catholic church also worshiped statue of Mary and the pictures of the saints.



Roman Catholic doctrine teaches:


Mary is co-mediator and through Mary only can be saved and Mary takes those to Jesus who believe Her.  But the Bible says, that only Jesus alone saves and only Jesus is one Saviour and there is no other name where is salvation than name of Jesus.


In Roman Catholic mass they daily again and again sacrifice Jesus with bloodless sacrifice. But the Bible says, that Jesus offered only by once in Calvary and there is no other sacrifice than sacrifice, which happened 2000 years ago in Calvary and not in the catholic mass.


Roman Catholic doctrine teaches, that sacrifice of mass is most powerful sacrifice. The Bible says that there is only one sacrifice, which is offering of Jesus in Calvary.


Roman Catholic church fills up those marks of identification, which is anti-Christian. We must see things in the light of the Bible, that we can separate the wrong from the right. Roman Catholic church has mixed between gospel and false teaching, so its against and vicar of gospel of Jesus. Roman Catholic church has mixed between doctrine and ritual of the heathen religions and doctrines of the Bible. Roman Catholic church and its doctrine are deeply pagan and the roots of the Pope come from the heathen religions.

Every disciple of Jesus who loves God and His word is under an obligation to tell the truth for a Roman Catholics. Love Roman Catholics and tell them the truth, that Roman catholic doctrine isn't base on to the doctrine of the Bible, but is mixture and mystery, Babylon the Great, the Mother of the Harlots and of the Abominations of the Earth. We have to understand, what word anti-christ means, before we can understand this subject. It is true that Spiritualism and the New Age movement doctrines come from devil. And those two religions are against Christ and for the sake of this they are anti-christian religion. But we must understand, that Greek word antikhristos has a two meanings against and vicar. Roman Catholic church has those two characters, it is against gospel of Jesus and it pretends to be vicarious Gospel of Jesus. Anti-Christ has two faces it's with same time against gospel of Jesus and try to pretend that he is vicarious gospel of Jesus. There can be also believers inside of RCC, but they can’t believe official doctrine of RCC, because it is another gospel and not the gospel of Christ.


Originally I have written this language of Finnish and translate it then for English. Literature sources I have used books in languages of English and Finnish.




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Petri Paavola